About me: anki.

Hey there, this is my website. My name is Andreas Kist and my extended initials are anki.

I did my Bachelors and Masters in Molecular Medicine at the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen, Germany. As the title implies, it is a human medicine study program with focus on the molecular details of life. There, I focused on neurophysiology. I had the pleasure to work in the great lab of Prof. Dr. Angelika Lampert, now professor at Aachen University.

After my Masters, I started my PhD in the lab of Ruben Portugues, an incredible smart physicist and neuroscientist, at the Max-Planck-Institute for Neurobiology, Martinsried, Germany, working there on zebrafish sensorimotor control.

However, my research interests belongs to the fascinating field of physiology. Nature itself delivers a vast amount of ingenious techniques waiting to be discovered. One other field I am interested in is electronics – ok, that is not necessarily related to physiology. However, it is – kind of. The closest relation between biology and electronics is in the field of neuroscience. Lecturers told us about “ionic currents”, “cell resistance”, “capacitors” and “neuronal circuits”. How much more electronics does one need? One of the reasons why neuroscience is for me an ideal combination of my scientific interests.

Another passion of mine is web development. I already started in class five my web career, developing more and more skills by self-education and founded my own web development company in 2010: The Piepmatz Company (piepmatz is a German word for birdie). Using recent web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL (and now Python as well) I deliver tailor-made programs and interfaces. As content management system, I pick usually the great CMS WordPress (as shown here).

I am lucky that I could publish some of my projects, so if you are interested you are invited to read and chat with me about my research.