tackling smart research: anki's patching solutions

Tackling smart research together

Hey folks,

welcome to my brand new blog anki.xyz – tackling smart research together. I am currently a PhD candidate at the Max-Planck-Institute for Neurobiology in Martinsried, Germany, and try to optimize my time in a smart way. My ultimate goal is finding time- and cost-effective strategies to conduct my research most efficiently. On this blog, I am sharing with you ideas and workflows that work for me. You are kindly invited to use this information and make your life easier as well. Or even better, letting me know how I can improve my things even more.

Tackling smart research includes the combination of several fields. Being interested in programming, electronics and neuroscience, you will find most likely posts related to one or more of those topics. Using interdisciplinary knowledge, I am sure we will uncover several very intriguingly approaches for doing great science.

As research experience grows, so the website will grow. Please visit me on a regular basis, to get in touch with my personal “cutting edge”. I am totally convinced that good research is collaborative, please support the idea of smart research to enrich our all knowledge. You are kindly invited to get in touch with me (and ask for guest posts if you like).

Currently, I am focusing on “Learning Python“, an awesome general purpose programming language and time (and money) saving wet-lab protocols. If you are interested about the science, I am doing, check out my publications.